Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Corner-Stone Bookshop

Used Books & Records in Plattsburgh-Downtown
Mon-Sat: 10:00AM-9:00PM Sun: 12:00-6:00PM
110 Margaret St, Plattsburgh, NY 12901 (518) 561-0520 Directions/Map‎

"Whether you want some light reading, serious academic works, or something to help you with anything from knitting to automotive repair, you're likely to find it in our store, and for a lot cheaper than you will find it new. We have a lot more books on our shelves than we sell online. We carry all kinds of used books, including many genres of fiction, many non-fiction subjects, and many types of instructional books. You will also want to stop by if you have a record player. We carry many vintage L.P.s, especially classic rock and jazz. We also carry comic books, magazines, and movies."

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Area Blogs

In Plattsburgh

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Plattsburgh Pipeline - Local News

Local News feeds are on their way... You will also be able to post your own news stories about the community here. For now, visit the Community Pipeline.

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Plattsburgh Pipeline Radio

"Plattsburgh Pipeline Radio has been created to offer a new outlet for music lovers. PPR is interested mostly in our local talent here in Plattsburgh and hope to provide our listeners with just that. Although it sounds wonderful to play only local talent, PPR will also be providing our listeners with other music by bands/solo artists who send in their works to Plattsburgh Pipeline Radio.
Plattsburgh Pipeline was created with the intent to be a community based website, for it to work community needs to involved and bands are a part of our community. If you are in a band or if you know a band that would like to participate in this project contact for more information.
Plattsburgh Pipeline Radio would like to thank all of our listeners for your enormous support in this project. PPR would also like to thank all bands, solo artists, and local talent who provided us with music to broadcast and finally we would like to thank KBS Computer in Plattsburgh for hosting this radio station."

Click Here For Their Web Site

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The Complete Cordwood DVD - Rob Roy

Besides combining all of the material from our two cordwood masonry videos, The Complete Cordwood DVD with Rob and Jaki Roy has plenty of new material, including the use of paper-enhanced mortar with Jim Juczak, the 16-sided post-and-beam frame (a good way to build a round cordwood home under cover), and the use of commercial cement retarders.An extensive captioned slideshow rounds out the DVD, showing examples of round, post-and-beam and stackwall buildings, as well as construction details and special features. 205 minutes."*Buy New At OR At Corner-Stone Bookstore Plattsburgh-Downtown

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Mortgage Free! Radical Strategies for Home Ownership...Rob Roy

This is a banker's worst nightmare - a book that tells you how to live without being financially enslaved for the best years of your life. (The word mortgage comes from the old French meaning 'death pledge!')
While not a building book, Mortgage Free! is full of radical (but workable) strategies that enable you to own your own home. Raising the grubstake, finding and buying the land at the best possible price, the temporary shelter strategy, designing a low-cost home... these are just some of the important topics covered. In this book, I tell how Jaki and I have managed to own five different homes, all mortgage-free, and there are six other case studies from all over North America which show how others have accomplished the same thing. People who have read all my books say that this is the best and the most important. It's probably the one which will do you the most financial good, no matter what kind of house you decide to build. About 100 photos and illustrations, including 24 by Malcolm Wells. Click here to read selected excerpts from the book! "

*Buy New At OR At Corner-Stone Bookstore Plattsburgh-Downtown

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The Sauna... Rob Roy

"I've completely rewritten my 1996 sauna book, added two new chapters (Siting and Design and Building a Conventional Sauna), and, now, over 90% of the 160+ pictures are in color. (None in the former edition.) Sorry about the price increase, but I think you'll find it's worth it. It's a much bigger full-color book.
Here's what Chelsea Green Publishers says about the new edition: 'The Sauna, now revised and expanded, contains everything you ever wanted to know about the famous Finnish bath. Rob Roy shares his infectious enthusiasm for the sauna and provides a complete, detailed guide to sauna building, along with resources for equipment and supplies. The Sauna is replete with history, tradition, health benefits, and instructions for proper use and maintenance, as well as step-by-step instructions for building a variety of cordwood masonry saunas and, new to this edition, conventionally framed saunas. The beautiful color photographs, also new to this edition, will inspire you to create your own sauna haven. Rob Roy is the author of twelve books, including Stone Circles and Mortgage-FREE! With his wife Jaki, he founded the Earthwood Building School, where they teach cordwood masonry construction, timber framing, earth-sheltered housing, and stone circle building.'"
*Buy New At OR At Corner-Stone Bookstore Plattsburgh-Downtown

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